Why we serve: Our mission is to be a multicultural Christian community that seeks to welcome and value ALL people through its service and ministry. We exist to serve all people near and far promoting life, unity, and complete joy. We also seek to mentor and provide tools that will empower our neighbors to reach their full potential in response to God's love. 

The Panty is an outreach that offers groceries and food to the hungry in the community. It is available to anyone in need of food assistance.

When is The Pantry open?  Every Monday from 1:00-2:00pm at High Street.

How do I receive assistance? Call High Street (765-747-8500) between 8am-Noon on Monday  to sign up for the pantry.

You can then pick up your food items at the church between 1-2pm.  (cart or transportation recommended as our pantry bags are heavy)

How often can I receive food assistance? We are able to assist every 3 months.

The Samaritan Fund is an assistance program to help with the need of paying bills. This service is available to anyone in Delaware County and is in need of assistance with utilities, rent, bus passes (in town) and prescriptions (Pharmacies you can use: Pavillion at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital or Genoa: MUST BE A Meridian Health Service client for Genoa)

When is the Samaritan Fund Available? 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month 

How do I receive assistance? We are able to assist 24 people a month (12 per session). Call High Street UMC at 8am on Tuesday Morning to schedule your appointment. Appointments are set for Tuesday Afternoon.  

How often can I receive assistance? We are able to assist every 6 months. 

The Samaritan Fund does not distribute cash or assistance with gas for vehicles. Call 211 (assistance hotline) if you have additional assistance needs. 

Bucket offerings are a monthly offering (4th Sunday of the Month) where the church’s offering is designated to a particular mission (i.e. Muncie Mission, YWCA, etc.) chosen by our mission team.

How Can I Serve?

The Pantry

  1. Adopt a pantry item to purchase and deliver to the church at the designated drop off.
  2. Donate money to the pantry fund for the purchase of food items.
  3. Volunteer to be a packer 3 months a year to pack bags of non perishable food. Packing weekly
    • Packer Responsibilities: Packing weekly during your packing months takes approximately 1 1⁄2 hours.
  4. Volunteer to be a distributor, handing out food to clients.
    • Distributor Responsibilities (COVID-19): 
      • Arrive at the church by 12:30 / 30 minutes before distribution time (Mondays 1:00-2:00)
      • Pick up the pantry key and client list from the church office.
      • Pack 10 perishable bags for distribution with the non perishable bags.
      • Load non perishable pantry bags onto flatbed cart and transport from pantry to church carport area with perishable bags on a push cart. (It is rare, but if the elevator is out you will need to carry the bags up a flight of stairs to the carport area). 
      • When clients arrive, ask their name and check them off the list provided by the church office.
      • After distribution, take the client list to the church office.

 Note: Distributor responsibilities are the same post-COVID except the clients come to the pantry door to pick up their food instead of taking the food to the carport area.

    The Samaritan Fund

    1. Our main need is for financial donations (High Street is one of very few places in Delaware County that helps with bills). 
    2. Be trained to provide interviews 
    3. Post Pandemic Involvement: Provide Lunch or be a visitor during our after interview lunches  

    Mission Team

    Our mission team meets on a monthly basis to plan our bucket offerings for each month and ways we can serve (opportunities/events) in the Muncie Community. 

    Monthly/Upcoming Service Opportunities 

    • A monthly postcard is mailed to your home/emailed out with our most recent information on bucket offering, mission events, etc. for that month
    • Please contact the church office or email to be added to our email list. 

    Call the church office: 765-747-8500 if you have any questions regarding or would like to be involved in missions at High Street.