To request a space or area in the church for a meeting or an event you will need to call the church office and talk to Casey Headland our Church Administrator. Then she will get your event added to calendar after getting the request approved. Church number is (765) 747-8500.

High Street United Methodist Building Request Form

  • Requests must be made at least one week before your requested meeting date.  
  • Filling out this form does not mean you have been approved. You will be notified once you are.
  • We do not host Saturday events
  • Door security is needed for any activity after 5pm and requires a $40 fee.

Media Agreement: When the public media is present, I will inform the media and the group which I represent that High Street United Methodist Church is not responsible for, or a sponsoring organization of, the below meeting.

Damage Agreement: It is understood that financial responsibility for any damage to building or facilities resulting from this use rests with this group. It is expected that the group will use diligent care to prevent such damage.

Please enter first and last name

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We will need start and finish time.

Do you need extra time before or after the meeting? How long?

How many people are you going to need space for?

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Kitchen Use

A designated member of High Street Church must be on hand when the kitchen is used.

If you are going to provide a drawing please send it in the mail at least 2 weeks before the event is to take place, or use the File Attachment field below.

.doc or .pdf only

What items will you need for your meeting?